About Us

We are marriage counselors, former colleagues, confidantes, mom friends, the first person we both call when we have an embarrassing stories to tell because we love to laugh with and at each other…..and now co-writers for this blog.

Our History

We started working together at a group private practice in 2005.  We made an instant connection as the “young” therapists (not so much the case anymore).  We soon learned we also had a similar style of doing therapy, a more no-nonsense, direct approach and we shared a passion for helping couples and families. We had several opportunities to work together with couples and often found ourselves finishing each other’s sentences.

Outside of the office our friendship grew.  We have been supports for each other through the births of our children, sick children, miscarriages, the death of a parent, marital roller coasters and ultimately a job relocation which meant we would be separated by several thousands of miles. The distance didn’t separate or hinder our friendship — we just had to figure out a way to stay connected.  What better way to do it than a blog!

With both of us knowing NOTHING about how to write a blog and VERY LITTLE about social media we thought, how hard can it be? We are educated women with lots of experience both personally and professionally and if we could help a few people out along the way with our knowledge, experience and humor why not give it a whirl? Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy reading as much as we like writing it.

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