Shanna Larson-Paola, LMFT

What I’m about…

I am about telling it like I see it, and helping couples figure out “their dance”and teaching them functional vs dysfunctional ways to reach harmony. I am about helping individuals look in the mirror at the healthy/unhealthy aspects they bring to the relationship, rather than pointing the finger at their partners healthy/unhealthy aspects. I am about to help you in your relationship if you keep an open mind, an open heart and keep reading!

Who I am…

I am a woman; a therapist for 17 years; a wife for 19 years; a mother for 13 years to two boys 1 dog, and 47 fish (actually 46 one died two days ago); a daughter; a sister; an aunt; a cousin; a niece; a godmother; a friend; a CF advocate; a rule follower; a risk-taker; a hiker; a runner; a spiritual seeker; a writer; a dessert lover; a believer in balance, vulnerability and integrity; and possibly a blogger (we will see how this next adventure goes!)

Where I am…

Currently, I am writing this at Starbucks, but where I practice therapy is at my private practice Creating Balance, LLC in sunny, Scottsdale Arizona. You can visit my professional practice for more information at See more about my practice

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