Valentine’s Day Quiz

OK here’s how this goes. This is a test to see how well you know your mate. Answer the questions and then ask them to answer it. And then switch. Before beginning, see disclaimer at bottom!

1. What is your partner’s favorite color?
2. Favorite animal?
3. Name of their first pet?
4. Favorite movie?
5. Are they a morning person or night owl?
6. Biggest celebrity crush?
7. Biggest regret your mate has in life?
8. Dream occupation?
9. Who was their childhood best friend?
10. Childhood teacher they had a crush on?
11. Is your mate an introvert or extrovert?
12. Is your partner an optimist or a pessimist?
13. If your spouse was on a deserted island who is the one person would they want there, and what one item would they choose to have?
14. Dream trip they want to take?
15. Their favorite vacation you have taken as a couple?
16. Food they would never eat, even if starving?
17. If they had to choose only one food item they could eat for the rest of their life, what would it be?
18. Preferred pizza toppings?
19. Favorite sexual position?
20. Favorite candy bar?
21. What was their childhood nickname?
22. Prefer pie or cake?
23. Favorite and least favorite subject in school?
24. What is your partner’s phone number?
25. What is their birthday?
26. Your dating or wedding anniversary?
(Okay better stop here, some of you could really be getting into trouble….)

Bonus question…. what is your partner’s love language? (If you have no idea what this is, google it, and know we will cover this topic in an upcoming blog.)

*****Disclaimer: This quiz is meant to be a light-hearted, fun, non-serious way to have a discussion with your Valentine about how well you know each other. NOT meant to start a fight, or competition on who knows the other better!!! Have fun. Laugh. Be open. Learn more about each other for next year’s quiz when you will ace it!!!

Valentine’s Day, as everyone says, is a Hallmark holiday.  But, why not use it as a day to talk longer, cuddle more, have a little fun and see if you spark up something? As you have heard us talk about ad nauseum, that’s what it’s all about folks…connection! Flowers and chocolates optional.

Now for your rating scale.
If you answered 22 or more correctly, you are on point!!!! Wow you really know your partner well! If you didn’t receive any flowers or chocolates, go out immediately and buy yourself some.  After all, with your attentiveness and listening, you deserve it!!

If you answered 18-21 correctly, nice work. You know your mate pretty well. *And when all is said and done, don’t they change their mind so often anyway? How are you to keep track of it all!?!

If you answered 10-17 correctly, not too bad, I mean some of those questions are hard (see * above)!

If you answered 5-9 correctly, look on the bright side, there still is room for improvement, and you did know a few things about your Valentine (see * above).

If you scored less than 4…oops, eek. Not gonna lie, that is not a good score at all!!  Maybe you need to take a course majoring in your mate. Ask A LOT more questions, and LISTEN to their answers or just watch what they eat or don’t eat and you will do better next time around!! (And, see * above).

We at Marriagesense hope you enjoyed our silly quiz and we wish you a happy Hallmark holiday! We will take the quiz too and maybe even share our results later!! #imperfecttherapists

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