What About When There is An Addiction?

I have a soft spot in my heart for couples that are dealing with an addiction.  I believe addiction is a disease. Unlike diseases like cancer or heart disease, addiction can carry a huge stigma.  This stigma makes it very difficult for couples to get the support they need. Often addicts are viewed as selfish or morally wrong. Their spouses can be viewed as codependent or enabling.  When an addiction escalates, unlike an illness or death, support for those involved can be hard to come by. Family and friends aren’t necessarily lining up to bring a meal when a loved one goes off to rehab.  However, the severity of grief and loss can rival the feelings of a death.

Due to my speciality of working with couples who are dealing with addiction, I write articles for www.goodtherapy.org about relationships and addictions.  If you or someone you know is in a relationship where addictive behaviors are present, consider reading or sharing these articles.

They are linked below:

Overcoming Addiction in Relationships:  An Attachment Perspective

Addictions and compulsions can drive a wedge between couples. Seeing these behaviors through an attachment lens can yield empathy and healing for partners.

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship During Recovery

Whether you’re in recovery from addiction or you want to support a partner in their sobriety efforts, these tips can help you strengthen your relationship.

How Relational Trauma Can Affect Trust-Building

Relational traumas such as infidelity and addictive behaviors can erode trust, leaving couples in a cycle of hurt. Recognizing the trauma response is key.

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